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General car repair can range from the everyday servicing needs of your vehicle like brake pad or wing mirror replacement to the not so frequent things like having a new exhaust pipe fitted. With general car repairs it’s important to know that in many cases, you should get them put right as soon as you can. Sometimes delaying repair work can cause further damage and in some extreme cases not getting something fixed can be unsafe and illegal. We pride ourselves on being a ‘one stop shop’ for all your motoring needs. If your car needs anything then your first port of call should be us at R2 Garage Manchester. We can take care of 99% of all you’ll need right here. Should the vehicle require a specialist repair or service than in most cases we will manage this for so you don’t have to. Saving you time and money. We carry out a variety of Vehicle Repairs, if you have a problem book online with our free online booking tool.

We also have Diagnostic Equipment, if you have a light displayed on your dashboard or have a problem that you’re unsure of, then we can carry out Engine Diagnostic Checks, to see what is wrong. Not only does routine auto care and preventative maintenance help keep your car safe and dependable, but it helps save money and aggravation. Often, drivers are mystified by how their cars actually work. It’s to be expected. Even an older car is a complex machine with many sub-assemblies that all work together to move it down the road. As a result, drivers tend to be a little intimidated by auto repair and often tend to not inform themselves by asking the necessary questions of a tech or a garage. Too often, that ends up being a big mistake.

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Here are some examples of the kinds of things you really should know before any auto repair work starts: time has a way of sneaking up on everyone, and so does mileage on a vehicle. If you have a long commute or regularly put lengthy interstate trips on your car, you can easily rack up 15-18,000 miles a year. Even though today’s cars don’t need as much maintenance as cars from a generation ago, it’s still something you can’t neglect. Here’s a reminder of some important milestones for service on your vehicle: Driving can be a fantastic privilege and one that we can all enjoy at any time of the day or night. However, one of the big problems with the roads is that they can still be fatal if you aren’t careful about what you are doing, or indeed where you are going. If you are someone who believes that motor problems and breaking down on a dark, empty road is only for the horror films; think again

.If we notice anything that needs attention while we’re servicing your car, we’ll let you know. Our aim is to provide the correct information so you can decide if and when you want to address the problem. If you have any queries about anything that we’ve picked up on, we’ll be happy to discuss them with you. We can explain what the implications are for your car and the likely costs for repairs or replacements.

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