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The latest technology in laser wheel alignment in Manchester

We have recently implemented and are extremely proud of our new Hoffman ultra-modern and advanced wheel alignment equipment. This brand-new wheel alignment system comes with an integrated camera that picks up data from each wheel for an even more accurate adjustment. It’s advanced technology and precision means that we can perform alignment jobs quicker than ever before. Our new sophisticated wheel alignment system is suitable for all vehicles including light commercial vans and camper vans so no one needs to miss out.

Key warning signs that your wheel alignment may be out

There are a number of symptoms that are associated with incorrect wheel alignment, including:

  • Tyres that wear more quickly and that wear unevenly (such as excessive wear on either the inner or outer shoulders);
  • Increased fuel consumption;
  • Unpredictable handling;
  • Steering that pulls to one side unless you correct it.

Notably, when your wheels are properly aligned, it can result in tyres that last far longer – in some instances, by as much as 12,000 miles and saving you money on fuel consumption.

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How does our four-wheel alignment work?

Using the latest imaging alignment technology systems, 4-wheel alignment provides accurate measurements quickly and efficiently so our mechanics at R2 can find the source of any wheel alignment issues and get you back on the road as soon as we can.

Step 1: When your car comes into R2 garages with wheel alignment problems, we will register your vehicle on the system so that we can properly align your wheels to your manufacturers’ requirements and we can tailor our system to your vehicle.

Step 2: Once we’ve established your manufacturer alignment settings we’ll attach the alignment targets to your vehicle and fix them in position. These targets are identified with the system to check if each target is in the correct position.

Step 3: When the alignment targets are in position, our mechanics will perform a roll back test to check how your car moves along the system. The laser targeting tracks the position of the targets to see if everything is in place.

Step 4: One each tyre, the caster is then tested by checking the pivot on the tyres when they are steered.

Step 5: Once all measurements have been taken, the results will appear on the digital system, and any problems with alignment are highlighted in red.

Step 6: At R2 Motors, we’ll contact you with any problems that occur before making any repairs to your vehicle. We’ll run through the problems our system has found and get your full approval before going ahead with any work.

Step 7: With your approval, we will make the necessary adjustments to the rear and front wheels and we’ll then run the tests again.

Step 8: On completion of the final test, with no problems being recorded, we’ll contact you and let you know your car is ready to be collected.

Wheel alignment explained

Toe alignment

Toe alignment measures how much your tyres are turned in or out from a straight-ahead position.

Camber alignment

The camber is the vertical tilt of the wheel if incorrectly aligned it can cause the tyre tread to wear excessively and feel like your car is pulling to one side.

Caster alignment

Caster alignment is the angle of the steering pivot when it is viewed from the side. Caster is positive if the line is angled forward and negative if it is angled backwards.

How frequently should you have your wheels aligned?

Despite there being certain signs that you can look out for when it comes to tracking that is ‘out’, there aren’t always clear symptoms. For you and your passengers, this may mean that your vehicle is not as safe as it should be. As a result, manufacturers recommend that wheel alignment is tested every 12 months.

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